Music has always been my first love. It is also one of the most difficult professions to make a living at. I began playing the drums at seven. By the time I was twelve, I was gigging with working bands. At fifteen, I took up the guitar. I have been playing ever since.

While I have not persued a career in music, it has helped me greatly in my work as a visual communications professional. My understanding of acoustics, amplification, composition and theory have all played a part in my work. Particularly in the editing room. The image is only one component. If you have doubts, watch a movie with the sound turned down.

I have recently begun to compose and create music exclusively. For the documentary The Gathering: Code of the West, I wrote, performed and produced four tracks and have created a music library for indie film makers. Examples of my work can be heard at various online marketplaces. You can sample them here.



USA Telecommunications

Intelligent Light L.L.C

Lone Gunman Pictures

Mariel Entertainment

FOX News


ICTN Television

Coors Light

This is Excel

Time Warner

The March of Dimes

The United Way

Lightwave Pro Magazine

Digital Film Making in the 21st Century

Emmitt Smith Communications

D.G Advertising





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