Lights, camera, action! The director of any project is usually an employee of the producer, and is responsible for the overall look of the project as well as the performances of the actors should there be any. Often, the producer will allow the director to call the shots when it comes to cinematography, sets, actors, and anything that pertains to what appears on camera. After all, the mark of a good producer is to associate himself with a talented group of people and then leave them alone to do their jobs. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work that way and you have a battle between the director an his creative vision and the producer who has to pay for it.

Compromise and creative problem solving is the only way you'll get out alive. My directing experiences have been very good but that is usually because I also act as producer. It is more work but then again, the project doesn't suffer from delays and differences of opinion. My goal, is to get the client the best possible end product. On smaller projects, the double duty is usually a benefit to that end.

I have directed more projects than I have space for here. Many are commercial projects for national and regional broadcast but I have also directed live television via satellite, features, news, music videos, and more. The top image to the right is a between takes shot of me taking a directorial back seat to actress Zelina Rodriguez of Bogota Colombia. Next is me and my great crew, less my sound man who didn't fit,  shooting a segment for the documentary, The Gathering: Code of the West. You can learn more by visiting The Gathering website. You are also invited to view the documentary online.

I am to the right with a small HD Steadicam rig. You ALWAYS roll a safety!



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