Did you ever wonder just what all of those people do when you see the credit roll at the end of a movie? For this example, we'll take a look at the role of "Producer". In my opinion, the role of producer is probably the most demanding of all. He is "The Ringmaster" of a circus that can quickly spin out of control. The role of producer has more to do with organization and business savvy than artistic and creative ability. In short, he is responsible for, well... just about everything!

He hires the crews, rents or buys the equipment, arranges production, post production, animation, effects, music, sound, and anything else that I have forgotten to mention. If that weren't enough, he then has to make sure that all of these departments perform on time and on budget. They never do, and when that happens, he has to be the mother of all problem solvers. Welcome to my world.

I have produced numerous projects for many clients. The most recent and largest is the documentary The Gathering: Code of the West, and Action Man, an animated feature for Hasbro Entertainment. The Gathering was entered in the 2011 Cannes International Film Festival in Cannes France. No, I didn't win but it was an invaluable learning experience and forced me to push my abilities beyond where I thought they could go. The Gathering is available to view online in it's entirety by using the link on the main page.

Action Man was a take over project. In simpler terms, I was dropped into the deep end of the pool. This project was initiated originally by an Executive Producer at Hasbro and contracted to an animation company in Chile. Oops! Shortly thereafter, they were way behind schedule and exceeding their budget by three times the original project. My job? Salvage as much of the work as possible, which was almost nothing, and then find people to help me complete it on a budget that was better suited to a television commercial let alone an animated feature length movie. No problem.

I got the call from a producer at Hasbro corporate and the next day, I was neck deep in Andes provoking earthquakes and a bunch of people running around speaking Spanish. Fortunately, I speak Spanish. Welcome to Santiago Chile. My solution, work not only as producer but also as animator, supervising animator, VFX supervisor and editor. I then enlisted the help of animators that I have worked with in the past from the USA, Sweden and South America. We completed the entire project by way of the Internet. On time and on budget, barely.

Before returning to the United States, I managed to produce several promotions for Crown Casinos, the internal communications for the Santiago International Airport, produced and performed on a Latin rock album, and learned a little Portuguese.


Excel Communications

Mary Kay Cosmetics


Trinity Broadcasting

Texas Stadium

Coors Light

Time Warner

The March of Dimes

Children's Hospital

The United Way

Cox Communications

Discovery Broadcasting


Santiago International Airport

RF Films





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