The Gathering: Code of the West is perhaps the most comprehensive testimonial of the modern day biker to date. From the hearts and minds of the millions who live the code emerges the true spirit of the men and women who share the road and the machine that binds them together.

Both informative and entertaining, The Gathering: Code of the West is a must see!


The Gathering: Code of the West features bikers from coast to coast. Young and old, rich and famous, The Gathering is a no holds barred look at the men and women who ride the trail.
"The Gathering" is to television what "Born to be wild" is to music ... and bikers like their music! The Gathering features performances from Slaughter, The Allman Brothers Band, Ratt, Paul Revere and the Raiders and many more!
True to form, biker chicks, well... What can we say? You just have to see it to believe it!
"The Gathering: Code of the West is is a wild ride! The term "Stranger than fiction" has never been more true. Forget your fears, forget your inhibitions, forget your clothes? If it can happen, chances are that it did! Watch The Gathering: Code of the West!

Peter Fonda

Peter Fonda is just one of many featured in The Gathering: Code of the West. Beyond his Easy Rider image, Peter truely is a biker to the bone. When asked "why do you do it?" Peter replied, "For me, it's in my blood."

Peter is more than happy to share stories of his love of the road. He also dedicates a great deal of his time to charity and helping others. "It's what a true biker is all about."